Birthday Parties!!

>> Sunday, September 18, 2011

The girls birthday parties were a 100% success.  Looking back after a week has passed, I am still shocked we survived the craziness lots of little girls bring.

Party #1
The twins had their sleepover party Saturday till Sunday morning.  

We had TEN girls, loaded them into a limo took them to have their nails done, then to a restaurant and ended the night at the house.

There were laughs, there were tears, there was playing and there was crying.  In all everyone had fun the twins were happy and everyone went home in one piece.

Party #2
Sydney's party, the same Sunday afternoon

Her Victorious party was at an indoor trampoline park.  I had little time to take pictures (I may have been sleeping from exhaustion) but Sydney and her friends had a great time. 

Happy Birthday Girls.  I love you all to pieces and hope you are happy with the birthdays we put together.

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